Social(ist) Network

Social(ist) Network

We need you! Your country needs you too. So, join our network today. You will love how easy it is to get proven results using the Social(ist) Network.

Discover the easy way to be an involved political activist. Operate from the safety of your own home. Don’t stand in the snow, sleet or pouring rain – shouting at cars as they pass by. You will have better results if you use the Social(ist) Network to share your message directly with others.

The Social(ist) Network was developed, and is maintained, by the Socialist Central Committee, Ltd. The Committee is a registered Indiana corporation incorporated as a not-for-profit political organization as defined by Sect. 527 of the IRS Code. So, make your social networking more meaningful. As a member of the Socialist Network, your messages will carry the weight of a real Political Action Committee.

Save time and money. Collaborate with like-minded socialists across America. Then blast your messages on to Facebook & Twitter with an easy to use button. In addition, Social(ist) Network members receive free local membership in America’s Socialist Party. You won’t have to purchase an expensive membership with another socialist organization.

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