The Socialist Agenda is the brand name of the communication outreach of the Socialist Central Committee, Ltd. The Committee is established as a not-for-profit political organization. The Committee provides project management and marketing oversight of America’s Socialist Party.

The Socialist Agenda webzine was established to provide user friendly content about the socialist worldview, the errors of capitalism, and political and economic opinions. The typical article should be 4-7 paragraphs in length and include a photo or graph to help illustrate the article’s topic. For instance, this Internship page is four short paragraphs and a concluding sentence.

The webzine is accepting the curriculum vitae from college and university students interested in being content producing interns, and other volunteers interested in having their written works published. With the right writers, this webzine could become the Huffington Post of socialism, which means – the internships could grow into journalist positions as readership increases.

And even if the webzine does not grow as fast as your ambitions, being a Socialist Agenda intern will be an opportunity to hone your writing skills, to develop a portfolio of articles, and to add experience to your curriculum vitae working with a Political Action Committee.

Please email your interest to: freelance@socialistagenda.info

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  1. You may email your interest to: freelance@socialistagenda.info


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