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I wrote this while walking around picking orders in a hot dusty warehouse in Ft Lauderdale in the early 90’s…. Put it horribly to music (see audio posts) I was angry I had to work in the heat busting my ass while the less articulate and seemingly witless people sat in the comfort of air conditioning, which toil then never mattered… Florida is different… it’s hot all the time and I had no AC in my car, job or studio apartment (scorpion infested motel)


Strength of body for sweat and dirt
Strength of mind for thinking
Labor starves a curious mind
Inside a body stinking
Death of soul down in a hole, ignorance sits lazy
Wrong job for the right tool, wasted brain, twisted crazy
Grinding bone to concrete, breathing dust of broken dreams
Baking filth into the flesh, sweating blood through battered seams
Body broken beaten down, attitude sinking down
While the brain rots like a dead dog in the blazing desert sun
Somewhere else, not far away ; Someone sits in luxury
Somehow they don’t have to pay, simply from heredity
Cushioned by the income, of others working in the heat
No need for wit or wisdom, The American dream can’t be beat
Why must I eat shit to get what I deserve?
When others only sit and spend all that I earn
The peephole to success is so much fucking less
Than the whirlpool of failure and depression
I’d like to kick the ass of the lazy upper class
And twist the knife plunged into their intestines
And maybe they would see what it’s like to be me
Beaten down and screwed by the system
Crawling on blistered hands and bloody knees
With their weight on my back like a disease
Killing off my time, much more to give
Wasting precious days, no way to live
Feeding leeches with my life, drain my soul to fuel their toys
Cut through their fat with my knife, Wake no more to buzzing noise



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