Socialist Webzine Upgrade

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PRESS RELEASE: Official Socialist Webzine

DATED: January 30, 2013.

BY: Socialist Central Committee, Ltd.

LOCATION:  Indianapolis, Indiana

The Socialist Webzine (at domain name – has received an extensive overhaul. It was upgrades to reflect the virtual environment that is associated with the modern internet experience.

To reflect the upgrade that the domain received, the site’s name was modified as well. To separate the webzine from the many, and mostly neglected, opinion blogs calling themselves webzine, the socialist webzine took on the new name – Official Socialist Webzine. Today, the Official Socialist Webzine is the only socialist webzine that offers actual current news reliably.

The Socialist Central Committee, Ltd. is excited about the Official Socialist Webzine‘s new content delivery system. We hope you like it too. And, best of all – the Official Socialist Webzine is powered by the Socialist central Committee’s very own socialistNET.

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