FREE Websites for OWS & Socialist Groups

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The Socialist Central Committee recently announced that it will provide free website hosting for socialist organizations. Here are the details:

The Committee was upgrading its static websites to the new dynamic CMS website style. These new structures began to overwhelm the original hosting provider; so, the committee was compelled to explore other options.

free website hostingThe committee now has its own dedicated server. The committee no longer has to worry about bandwidth with the new server. But, the committee’s storage capacity is far greater than the committee’s needs require. The committee, therefore, decided to share that capacity with other socialist organizations.

While the final details are still under consideration, it is not too early to announce that the committee will be providing FREE webhosting to all certified socialist organizations in America, and to Occupy groups associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Anyone can now view the committee’s new website that is still under construction. The committee’s registration software was designed for paid services. So, anyone can now view the webhosting registration system that currently includes paid services.

Please be patient! The technicians are having to wait for the committee to convene before modification of the underlying software can be approved. Once that approval takes place, it could be just a day or two until the socialized system is fully operational. That final approval is expected December 1, 2012. – – Just in Time for Christmas!

Here is the committee’s new link:

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