Socialism in Moderation Is Good for Capitalist America

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Socialism in Moderation Is Good for Capitalist America


By Gary Anderson

Socialism is good in moderation. We have social security, which is a socialist program. We have medicare, which is a socialist program. We have progressive income tax, which is a socialist program. Socialism is the reason that capitalism has survived.

Karl Marx predicted the demise of capitalism, and yet, it is because of a bone thrown to the masses that social unrest is diminished and capitalism has the ability to function at its highest levels of profit.

Some have said that we have communism. However, we do not have communism, because in communism, there is no profit or any profit is taken by the communist party. In our system, the bankers got to keep the profits of predatory lending. There was a transfer of wealth, a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the wealthiest Americans in the housing bubble that crashed in 2008.

Our system is more fascistic than communistic. Fascism is when corporations have more control than the democratic process.

On Business Insider, I argued the case that we should have a wealth tax, for the good of the nation, coupled with a massive payroll tax. The top percentages of wealthy Americans control 80 percent of the wealth. If this keeps going they will control literally all the wealth of the nation. This is not healthy, and is a monopoly upon wealth. That is not good as the middle class fears its demise and refuses to spend. Eventually that hurts the richest as well. And it hurts the national security of our country.

Remember, the government builds roads. That is socialism. The government hires police, and firemen, and teachers. That is socialism. Privatization of those things looks good on paper, but this usually is not born out by practice. For example, charter schools are allowed to choose their students. Of course their stats look better than public schools.

But then we find out that Wall Street is hugely invested in charter schools and plants bad articles against public school teachers in the press that they own. The nation is victim of a giant private financial scam and Americans are falling for it.

Think about this: how many of you would rather drive on toll roads owned by private enterprise where you had to pay a fee? I think most of you would prefer our communal public roads and avoid the toll roads most of the time, if you can.

Wake up America! You are being brainwashed by the bankers and their libertarian zealots. The libertarians seek total deregulation, like taking umpires away from a sporting event, and then get mad when the sportsmen (the bankers), don’t behave themselves!

We are pro capitalist, and are not socialists in the classic definition of socialism as a replacement for capitalism. But we want regulation which is socialism for the greater good, and some targeted socialism to temper the excess of capitalism and get the roads built!

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