Stewart Alexander on Civil Discourse Now

Posted on September 26, 2012 by


Stewart Alexander: 2012 Socialist Presidential Candidate

The so-called Socialist Presidential Candidate, Stewart Alexander, appeared on Civil Discourse Now in Indianapolis on Sunday, September 23, 2012. The first thing that crossed our minds was – Where is his tie? If Stewart Alexander is going to be the national representative of a political organization, why is he not dressing the part?

Stewart Alexander appeared in the same garb that he is always seen in. This must be because he is traveling lite! – – Sleeping on the sofas of local party members because they will not spot him a motel room.

Shame on YOU – – Socialist Party – USA! Are you unable to financially support your candidate to extent of ensuring he has the proper attire that is befitting the elected position for which he runs?

While it is possible that SPUSA has dwindled in size to such a degree that they no longer have any financial backers. BUT, the simple truth is: The SPUSA presidential candidate is an expenditure that does not put profit into Greg Pason’s pocket. Subsequently, this capitalist organization that is known as Socialist Party – USA will not properly fund the candidate.

Socialist Party – USA is a capitalist organization that uses the concept of Socialism as a source of profit. This is much like the Television Evangelists who are not actually Christians, but they use Christianity to exploit the Faithful for profit. Nor are the Socialist Party – USA leaders true socialists. They are like the tele-evangelizing charlatans; neither the tele-evangelists or the SPUSA leadership actually practice the doctrines that they preach.