Suicides Increasing As Morality and Economy Decreasing

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A month ago, Dave Jolly wrote about how the weakened economy most likely would lead to an increase in family murders and suicides. He also confessed to his readers about his own suicide plans when  Dave Jolly  was nineteen years old. The bleakness of the economic outlook that he wrote about was reflected in a couple of national polls that revealed a growing number of Americans do not believe their children will be better off than they, the parents are.

A recent report just released supports what  Dave Jolly  said back then. In the past decade, there has been a 15% increase in the nation’s suicide rate. In 2009, 37,000 Americans died by their own hands. Suicides have increased so much that they are now considered to be the number one cause of accidental deaths in the U.S., even surpassing deaths from automobile crashes. Some suicide experts believe the rate is higher than that being reported as many suicides are not reported as such.

What these figures don’t reflect are the many thousands of failed suicide attempts. From  Dave Jolly’s conversations with suicide counselors, there are numerous attempts for each successful suicide. A large percentage of these are not reported because of the negative stigma it casts on the family.

The federal government will be initiating a suicide prevention plan known as the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act, costing $56 million which President George W. Bush signed in 2004. The act was named after the son of U.S. Senator Gordon’s Smith son who committed suicide. Sen. Smith says the prevention program will hopefully save as many as 20,000 lives.

We at the Socialist Agenda disagree with  Dave Jolly’s solutions.  Dave Jolly argues “the first thing that MUST be done is to bring Christ and Bible back into public life. America was founded as a Christian nation. Bibles were used as textbooks in the schools. In fact, Congress even allocated funds to print thousands of Bibles to be used in schools. Biblical principles, values and morals were also taught in the schools and children learned early on to respect their parents and others.”

The solution is NOT to encourage the acceptance of a belief system that science has demonstrated to be false. There is no god, humans do not have souls, nor is there an eternal life. The solution, as  Dave Jolly eluded to is to ensure that our hard work and self-sacrifice will allow our children to be better off than what we are. Socialism is the most efficient mechanism by which to ensure that increased prosperity for the greatest number of people.

Dave Jolly goes on to argue that “the second thing we can do to help decrease the suicide rate is to replace Obama with someone who can actually help improve the economy and job market. Under Obama’s leadership, or lack thereof, society has only become more depressing and more people are losing all hope and turning to alcohol, drugs and suicide. If we had a president and Congress who actually cared for the people and knew what they were doing, conditions could improve. With an improved economy and job market, people will once again start to have hope and with hope comes life, not death.”

Again  Dave Jolly agrees with the socialist proposition – that people will have greater hope as they see their economic situation improving.  Dave Jolly argues President Obama must be replaced; but he does not offer any alternative to Obama that might bring the economic improvement needed. Replacing one capitalist with another, does not bring about that socio-economic equality, which  Dave Jolly argues is necessary.

A socialist presidential candidate is needed. A socialist candidate that can make the ballot in each of the 50 states. In attempt to demonstrate solidarity with the Socialist Party – USA, the American Socialists have removed their websites to give SPUSA the opportunity needed to share the socialist message. Sadly, as they have always done in the past, SPUSA has failed miserably. Consequently, the American Socialists feel compelled to assume the leadership position that SPUSA has demonstrated itself to be too incompetent to maintain.

Suicides Increasing As Morality and Economy Decreasing.