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There is a direct correlation between being religious and having a low standard of living. Religion teaches its adherents to tolerate injustice, a toleration which the corporate elite exploit. But, we know there are no magical beings that control the natural forces. And, if there were a divine plan, one could not expect to alter that plan with petty, serf-serving prayers. In fact, if one accepts the idea of an “all-knowing,” “benevolent” god, then one must assume that he does, in fact, understand your situation, and the situation you find yourself in is according to his will. Subsequently, the socialist expectation of government-imposed economic fairness is anti-religious. Socialism, by its very nature, is atheistic.

Why Evolution Is True

There’s a new Gallup poll on religiosity, politics, and “well being” in America that, at least for religion, gives some surprising and some unsurprising results.

The unsurprising ones are that the five most religious states in the U.S.—with “religious” meaning “containing the highest proportion of individuals who are very religious” (i.e., those who consider religion an important part of their daily lives and who go to church once a week or almost once a week)—are Mississippi (59%), Utah (57%; Mormons, remember), Alabama (56%), Louisiana (54%), and Arkansas (54%).  In fact, it’s no surprise that all of the “top” ten states are in the south save Utah and Oklahoma, which, as Abbie Smith will attest, may as well be in the south.

It’s also no surprise that the least religious states are in New England, with the proportion of “very religious” being 23% in New Hampshire and Vermont, 25% in Maine…

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