Inside the Socialist Central Committee, Ltd: SPUSA audit

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NOTE: This is the fifth in a series of five reports that take you inside the Socialist Central Committee to help the reader understand the PAC’s inner workings, and to expose the dastardly deeds that SPUSA insiders continue to inflict upon America’s only socialist PAC.

Structural Comparisons:

Daily Operations:

SPUSA – National Secretary  |  Salary: 100% of Membership Dues

ASP – Executive Director  |  Salary: Pro bono publico

Operational Oversight:

SPUSA – National Committee

ASP – Board of Directors

Legal Structure:

SPUSA – Unincorporated Association

ASP – Incorporated political organization

Tax Status:

SPUSA – nonprofit

ASP – nonprofit

Funding Sources:

SPUSA – Dues, Donations & a Grant

ASP – User Fees, Donations & Board Underwriting

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