Inside the Socialist Central Committee, Ltd: Organizational Structure

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NOTE: This is the third in a series of five reports that take you inside the Socialist Central Committee to help the reader understand the PAC’s inner workings, and to expose the dastardly deeds that SPUSA insiders continue to inflict upon America’s only socialist PAC.

The Socialist Central Committee, Ltd. is a not-for-profit political organization incorporated in Indiana. The Political Action Committee was originally incorporated by Socialist Party – USA members, DSA members and independent socialists in Indianapolis. The founding partners have taken on the role of silent partners. They have relinquished full control of their shares in the PAC to an independent Board of Directors. That Board of Directors installed an Executive Director who is responsible for the daily PAC functions.

The PAC authorized, developed and maintains the Social(ist) Network. The Network effectively functions as an Open-forum PAC, which provides a political venue to disenfranchised SPUSAers and independent socialists. In fact, anyone can join the Network to express their socialist political voice. The Network is an inclusive medium that is open to anyone that wants to participate through it. This inclusiveness receives a tremendous amount of criticism from the factionalists within SPUSA who demand exclusion. The SPUSA criticism is substantially moot because the original purpose of the Network was precisely to give voice to those who were excluded from the SPUSA.

Atlee Yarrow

The primary function of the socialist PAC is to bring to America a socialist message that would have broad-based appeal. The PAC’s greatest critic, however, is not the capitalist community, but a core group of perpetual whiners within the Socialist Party – USA who are mostly associated with the Florida contingent. Because the SPUSA assault on the PAC has come primarily from persons associated with Florida, the PAC maintains formal ties with a former SPUSA member from Florida – Atlee Yarrow. Yarrow has fostered extensive contacts throughout America’s socialist community. Yarrow operates in an advisory capacity on the Committee to help the Committee understand who these SPUSA detractors are, and what their general motivations might be. In other words – Why supposed socialists are so anti-socialist.

The perpetual Florida-associated disparagement campaign has forced the Committee to focus on a secondary function – that of  misinformation management. The disparagement comes from individuals that are very inept in organizational management; yet they put themselves out as some sort of field experts. Their claim to expertise is nothing more than their longstanding association with SPUSA. For instance, they lack the capacity to understand why a PAC would “incorporate,” notwithstanding the laws that govern PACs. They cannot seem comprehend that SPUSA fundraising through membership dues is substantially similar to the fundraising efforts by other nonprofit organizations; yet, they refer to the other nonprofit socialist organizations as capitalist shams. In addition, they seem to misunderstand that an unincorporated political association and an incorporated not-for-profit political organization are similarly structured, and that these entities share the same organizational management issues; the two structures simply deal with legal liability differently.

The main goal of the socialist Pac’s primary function is to raise awareness among America’s independent voters that socialism is a viable political alternative to the capitalist-based Republican and Democratic parties. Insomuch as most PAC members are independent socialists and past SPUSA members that were excluded by that party, the Central Committee references its associates as the American Socialist Party, which the PAC branded as America’s Socialist Party.

As America’s Socialist Party, the socialist PAC functions as a unifying organization through which American socialists can collaborate with each other outside the factionalist interference associated with SPUSA. That is not to say ASP is working to rob SPUSA of its members; SPUSA does well enough alone to drive its own members away. ASP is focused on the broader, mainstream American voters. With that in mind, most SPUSAers find ASP’s centric position too far from the fringe while ASP finds SPUSA so far into the fringe that SPUSA has transformed itself into a unviable political entity.

Catering to the political fringe isolates American Socialism from being a viable political options for America’s mainstream voters. The mainstream values once associated with the Socialist Party of America have been abandoned by SPUSA. The goal of ASP is to reintroduce those lost socialist values into American politics. The ASP is interested in mainstream voters who are rediscovering socialism; the ASP has no professional interest in the long slow cancerous death by internal mismanagement at SPUSA.

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