Inside the Socialist Central Committee, Ltd: The PAC Formation

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NOTE: This is the second in a series of five reports that take you inside the Socialist Central Committee to help the reader understand the PAC’s inner workings, and to expose the dastardly deeds that SPUSA insiders continue to inflict upon America’s only socialist PAC.

The Indiana socialist community has always been unique among American socialist communities. This is true, in part, because Indianapolis was the center of American socialism for several decades. Most American socialists are familiar with Eugene Debs who grew the Socialist Party of America from Indianapolis. And, some of the more ardent socialists are familiar with Robert Owen.

Robert Owen

Robert Owen’s father was instrumental in developing the New Harmony commune in southern Indiana. Owen, himself, became an Indiana congressman that pushed for some of our nation’s earliest socialist reforms. Owen was among those earliest socialists that sat the precedent in the mid-1800s of socialists working through the Democratic Party.

As most socialists know, after the power-mongers in the New York City contingent caused the collapse of the Socialist Party of America, some SPA members went with the Debsian tradition, which became known as Socialist Party – USA. Some SPA members went with the Owenite tradition, as a caucus within the Demcratic Party – the DSA. And, still other socialists simply chose to remain neutral.

Eugene V. Debs

What most socialists are unaware of is that both socialist subgroups in Indiana, the SPUSA and DSA, along with the independent socialists, continued to meet as one SPA organization, which they referred to locally as: the Indianapolis Socialist Fellowship. For several decades the SPUSA and DSA members implemented joint projects in Indiana under the cover of the ISF; but, the ISF was finding it increasingly difficult to implement projects because the SPUSA side was having increased difficulties getting approval from Greg Pason. (SPUSAers would submit ideas for approval as SPUSA projects, but then implement them jointly as ISP.)

Greg Pason was under increasing criticism throughout the party for mismanagement; so in response to the criticism Pason became increasingly more controlling – refusing to allow local projects that did not have direct National Committee oversight.

Greg Pason eventually learnt about Indiana’s unified ISP. So, Pason issued a directive that forbade SPUSA locals from holding joint meetings and working on joint projects with DSA locals. Pason further insisted that the independent socialists were to be excluded from SPUSA activities. So, as a result of Pason’s directive, frustrated SPUSA members, DSA members, and independent socialists incorporated the Socialist Central Committee, Ltd.

Greg Pason

When Pason discovered the formation of the PAC, he insisted that it be placed under the control of SPUSA’s National Committee. There were problems with Pason’s idea: First, no SPUSA funds were used in the incorporation process; the corporate shares were owned by individuals. Second, while Pason tried to assert authority over shareholders associated with SPUSA, he had no influence over the interests controlled by DSA members or the independents.

To avoid future intanglement, the ISP (which eventually became known as the Indiana Socialist Fellowship) placed its PAC under the control of the independent socialists. Now, not only could Pason not claim authority over property interests in the PAC, but Pason had no claim on decision-making authority over any of the PAC’s board members.

As it were – the rest is history: Members of the Indiana SPUSA local were able to distance themselves from the socialist PAC that they helped to create; being able to deny influence over the PAC would help prevent additional wrath from Greg Pason.

Editorial NOTE: The New Hamony commune is now a state park, which is open for all to see. And, the history of socialists, from Owen’s time to now, operating from within the Democratic party is carefully researched and thoroughly documented.

Nevertheless, we continue to see statements like Pat Noble’s, who at 12:45 AM on 12 Jan 12 via web on twitter  ( @cdepatnoble  ) argued: @R_Dappa Your argument is equally circular. People who claim things like socialists being in the Dems didn’t do their homework on socialism. When Noble was corrected, he tweeted back at 12:48 AM on 12 Jan 12 via web on twitter  ( @cdepatnoble  ): There are no real socialists in the Democratic Party. That’s illogical, and frankly, silly to think there are. #shenanigans.

Too many people within the socialist community merely imagine a situation, which they then assert as fact. So much time is spent by individuals within the socialist circles trying to convence each other that their imagined reality is the real one, while the other person’s reality is wrong. But, no time is spent doing real research to discover the real reality.

The failure to conduct real research to determine what position is correct or best to accept is what the Socialist Central Committee has held to be the single most reason why socialism is failing in America. Mainstream America is not going to turn for answers to a bunch of kooks who cannot agree on nothing, and who all clearly have the wrong answers because no one has done any legitimate research to verify whether they actually have the correct answers or not,

Pat Noble did not help @R_Dappa; Pat Noble either created uncertainty and confusion for @R_Dappa, or Noble confirmed to @R_Dappa that socialists do not know what they are talking about. Either way, by spreading incorrect information and by making bad decisions, Pat Noble is causing more harm to the socialist cause than good because he based his decision-making on personal conjecture instead of careful research.

It is nice to remain blissfully ignorant. One is allowed to imagine all of the great things that one’s contributions are leading to. But under objective analysis, people like Pat Noble are the reasons why socialism in America is failing. The numbers do not lie: Socialists are causing more harm to socialism than good. It is unfortunate that they lack the ability to recognize the harm they are causing.

New Harmony, Indiana

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