SPUSA: Scam, Sham & Capitalist Greed

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NOTE: There is substantial interest being generated concerning our current series Inside the Socialist Central Committee, Ltd. The first article in the series generated a significant amount of interesting opinions by persons inside SPUSA. While actual documents turned over to us will be incorporated into later articles in the series, this article is an editorial response that weave together some of the opinons. At the same time this editorial will address various internet-based comments that were made.


This articles addresses SPUSA insiders, or well established party members. The particular clique that will be discussed, this article will refer to as the SPUSA-CPC, the Committee of Perpetual Complainers. In reality, this is a core group of individuals that have nothing better to do with their personal lives than to bemoan the performance of SPUSA’s National Committee (NC) and its National Secretary (NS), Greg Pason. In addition, they monitor socialist-orientated start-up organizations, then collectively defame these organizations. This article examines the potential motivations behind continued libel being expressed by the CPC against the Socialist Central Committee, Ltd.

The CPC has been on a continued campaign to disparage the socialist PAC apparently because of its autonomy (The CPC tends to complain about everything they are not allowed to be in charge of). Instead of ignoring outside organizations, and instead of focusing on internal improvements for SPUSA, these cybor-stalking bullies continually monitor the socialist PAC, and they immediately denounce its fundraising efforts as “shams” and “capitalist scams.” They naturally see their obsessive behavior as “normal,” that which everyone does; so, they spread among their peers the idea that PAC members must be doing the same thing.

The CPC ignores the fact that SPUSA charges five times as much as an annual dues per member than what the PAC encourages as a voluntary, once-in-a-life-time, user access fee for using the PAC’s quite benign communication platform – the Social(ist) Network. In addition, the CPC ignores the fact that 100% of SPUSA membership dues go to Greg Pason as his annual earnings. There is a call for revenue sharing at SPUSA between the National and various locals; but the CPC criticizes the PAC for having implemented such a revenue-sharing program, one which even included a per diem to help with the activist’s personal cost associated with recruitment efforts. By the CPC’s own arguments, it is SPUSA that is the real capitalist sham.

Finally, they allege the PAC defrauds potential Socialist Party – USA members because those individuals chose to join the American Socialist Party instead. If someone was unsure of what organization the person was joining, that is that person’s personal deficiency in decision-making due diligence, which in no way implies deception in the actions of another. No PAC member has ever said that the PAC was SPUSA. The PAC clearly states that it is the American Socialist Party. And, whenever anyone asks if there is a connection between ASP & SPUSA, the PAC is always very clear in stating – NO! Yet, unwarranted attacks relentlessly continue.

In response to the negative assertions continually being made by the CPC – The socialist PAC has not been able to devote its full attention to raising national interests in socialist values. Precious time must be redirected to addressing the denigrating smear campaign being waged by the likes of Steve Sears & Darius Engle (2009-2010), then Steve Sears & Marc Luzietti (2010-2011), and now Steve Sears & Pat Noble (2011-2012).

The Alexander / Mendoza Campaign Committee expresses it best: It would be nice if there was political unity instead of all this fracturing taking place. It would be; but the socialist community is not dealing with a real socialist – The community is having to deal with the likes of Steve Sears.

As pointed out in the past – Sears is not actually a socialist; he is a cyber-stalking opportunist. His covert ambition seems to be to usurp control of SPUSA from Greg Pason. Leaving the party was just his latest ploy. Whether he resigned just before his membership expired or he just didn’t renew his membership after it came due is just a technicality. Whatever the situation may have been, he used it as another opportunity to deride Pason. Sears attempted to place additional pressure on Pason by hoping that others would follow in his well publicized departure.

If Sears really intended to leave the party, he would have just left. If he really intended to leave the party, he would not continue to hang out in SPUSA chatrooms every night. If he does not really want Pason’s job because he has a valued career and personal life, Sears would not spend all of his time monitoring as a potential threat what some start up organization is doing half way across the country. There is a reason why Sears is so intently focused on what others are doing on the internet. There is a reason why he cares about what comments are being made about the organization he allegedly walked away from. Steve Sears wants Greg Pason’s job.

Make no mistake about it – Sears’ only life away from SPUSA consists of an occassional movie, which he goes to see all alone. Why would he, on the one hand, complain about the NC, refuse to rejoin the party, but then stay connected to it on a daily basis; while, on the other hand, he continually denigrates an outside entity that publishes similar complaints as his own on behalf of his peers? The answer is simple: Steve Sears wants Greg Pason’s job; and Steve Sears does not care how many reputations he has to ruin in order to get that job.

Sears wants to disparage Pason’s reputation; but Sears wants the organization to remain intact. Sears is out to oust Pason; but Sears wants to defend the position that he covets so much. Remember: Most “union organizers” are summer interns (college students); and those who do get a small stipend are not paid that much. It takes several hundred union members surrendering a part of their weekly paychecks just to generate a single union organizer’s meager salary. Whether Sears volunteers as a union organizer on weekends while working as a cashier at the local gas station on weekdays, or whether he actually receives a union organizer’s stipend, Pason’s modest salary looks very inviting from the perspective of someone who is looking at 50, but who has not progressed in his life much beyond that of the summer position of a college student.

THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL: Sears will rejoin SPUSA. He is just waiting now for a respectable amount of time to pass (or more likely – waiting until he can afford the dues). After that time passes, he will “reluctantly” rejoin only because, he will feign, so many of his colleagues (his internet chat buddies) have “encouraged” him to do so; he’ll rejoin “for their sake.” He will then display the persona of “Savior of the Party” by openly calling upon others to return as well for the sake of socialist “revolutionary unity.”

But, SPUSA should refuse him readmission. And, the internet forums should ban his presence because he chose to leave the organization. Just see how fast things would normalize all around without Steve Sears around stirring the proverbial pot.

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