Inside the Socialist Central Committee, Ltd: The SPUSA-ASP Conflict

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NOTE: This is the first in a series of five reports that take you inside the Socialist Central Committee to help the reader understand the PAC’s inner workings, and to expose the dastardly deeds that SPUSA insiders continue to inflict upon America’s only socialist PAC.

The Socialist Party – USA has been mismanaged for several years. The party responsible for that mismanagement is SPUSA’s National Secretary – Greg Pason. There has been an outcry within SPUSA concerning Pason’s mismanagement, which has led to declining membership and financial instability. The outcry from among the members has been the subject of insult and ridicule by Pason’s inept mafioso – the party enforcers. In short, any challenge of Pason’s authorty is first the subject of a smear campaign; then, if the person hasn’t left under peer pressure, Pason uses the allegations from the smear campaign to justify the person’s removal. This tactic has been repeated numerous times over the past several years. A central character in Pason’s smear campaigns is Steve Sears.

Steve Sears

As should be anticipated, Pason, Sears and the rest of Pason’s enforcers have created substantial animosity within the American socialist community. So much so, SPUSA has experience record losses in membership during the recent economic crisis. Economic crises are times historically associated with record enrollment. Many of the disenfranchised members have simply left SPUSA. Nevertheless, there are some who remain members, who await the day when a critical mass within SPUSA is frustrated enough with Greg Pason that they have the votes to finally demand his resignation.

The Alexander / Mendoza Campaign Committee places SPUSA membership at a mere 1000 members. That 1000 members, however, are paper members, which include delinquent accounts that have not yet been purged from the books for failure to pay their dues. SPUSA’s projected annual revenue suggests that the actual paid memberships are fewer than 850 members. And, there is at least one source that places SPUSA’s active memberships under 375 members nationwide. If that is true, SPUSA is no longer considered a political party if the standards articulated by Pat Noble are used. It should be noted: Noble is Pason’s most recent lap-dog (someone that runs around and makes a lot of noise, and who is blindly loyal to his superior). At any measure, these standards are quite lenient when one considers that political parties count their memberships in the hundreds of thousands (Socialist Party of America was more than 250,000).

So, who is suppose to speak on behalf of those SPUSA members who cannot speak out because of their fear of being hounded by Pason’s enforcers for openly criticizing Pason’s incompetency? Who is suppose to speak on behalf of those past members who were expelled? And, who is suppose to speak on behalf of democratic socialists who are disinterested in membership in such a politically oppressive and virtually obsolete organization like SPUSA? A contingent from Indiana thought that they may have come up with the solution – the Socialist Central Committee, Ltd.

Pat Noble

Steve Sears, Pat Noble and other party enforcers, who are deficient in any business sense whatsoever, have long criticized the Central Committee for being incorporated as a not-for-profit political organization. They seem to associate incorporation with capitalism, not to mention that there are numerous capitalist small businesses that are not incorporated, and there are many socialized entities around world, all of which are incorporated. These business-inept cynics seem to admire the democratic and republican Political Action Committees. But, rather than showing support for America’s only socialist Political Action Committee, they have only harsh disdain towards the PAC, which was formed by the socialist constituency in Indiana. And, for the past several years, the same internal ignorance that led to SPUSA’s financial instability has also been focused on an all-out assault to denigrate the socialist PAC.

Do not be mistaken: The Socialist Central Committee does not believe it is the main focus of Steve Sears attacks. Sears’ ulterior motive is actually to usurp control over SPUSA from Greg Pason. Sears has wanted Pason’s position for several years now; and, he sees the establishment of this new PAC as a direct threat that could disrupt his ambitions to gain control over SPUSA. This explains Sears’ contempt for any form of socialism outside SPUSA; he is not a socialist. He is a power-grabber that is using socialism as a means by which to eventually gain national recognition.

It must be remembered that a few years ago when Sears was on SPUSA’s National Committee representing Wisconsin, he was removed because he used NatCom resources, such as mailing lists, to undermine SPUSA by sending members messages to join his defacto organization. He moved to Florida where he began his efforts anew. Failing there he moved to Maryland where he continues his attempts to gain influence over the NC and ultimately move into the NS position. In addition, Sears has continued to coax his peers into forming unsanctioned internet groups in SPUSA’s name. These pseudo-groups serve to draw attention away from SPUSA’s actual well-established forums; and Sears continues to deride SPUSA through these groups.

In fact, Steve Sears is now involved in a wordpress blog, Revolutionary Unity. Rather than working through SPUSA’s established communication outlets like their Socialist Webzine and forums, Sears consistently selects outside sources to work through, which compete directly against the message SPUSA is trying to share.

To protect itself from being undermined internally, SPUSA should have implemented a long time ago a noncompete agreement for SPUSA office holders. SPUSA continues to be eroded from the inside. SPUSA tries to blame outside entities for SPUSA’s failures. But, make no mistake – People join SPUSA without influence from the outside; then they leave SPUSA in disgust over the organization’s mismanagement and constant bitter feuds.

NOTE: Neither Greg Pason, Steve Sears, Pat Noble or any other SPUSA member associated with the NC has ever spoken with persons associated with the Socialist Central Committee. Their opinions are purely speculative in nature. And, due to their ineptness in business and organizational management, their conjecture should be weighted accordingly.

Information by the Socialist Central Committee concerning SPUSA members is thoroughly documented and based upon SPUSA memos that explain its own internal investigations. This information is supplemented by the SPUSA member’s own discussion threads, which were forwarded to the PAC by discussion participants who are concerned SPUSA insiders.

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