Lost Generation

Posted on January 27, 2012 by


by ~VivaesPirata


Get out of here yob, low-life hot-headed scum!

You’ve had your fix, had your fill, had enough fun?

We don’t want you here for we’re better than that,

You disgusting, treacherous little rat!


But i’m not one of them, despite what you think.

None of us are, you just see the brink.

Why won’t you listen to anything we say?

You’re just pushing us ever further away!


The youth you spawned is jobless and hungry,

yet still we remain faithful and sundry.

And yet we are rewarded with violence and hate.

A media campaign to exagerate our fate.


All we want to do is survive the night,

but you see fit to make it a fight.

Anarchists, socialists, devils and thieves!

The names you call us never truly ease.


But you fail to realise just what you create,

with every single spout of hate.

We take those labels and slap them on,

pride in our hearts, our goals now long.


You made us what you fear,

what you hated has now become clear.

Stronger and faster than you ever believed,

the communists march with the power of thieves.


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