The Demise of American Socialism: A New Year’s Lament.

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The socialist movement seems to be in a quagmire as various parties jostle for membership by endorsing special interest groups. Data shows many of the members of special interest groups who claim to be socialists are not actually socialists. They are counter-culturalists who use Socialist as a Title of Defiance against mainstream society. In fact, there is no desire by these counter-culturalists to move socialism back into the social mainstream because the counter-culturalists are in opposition to the their parents, which the mainstream culture represents. This data explains: A) Why most “socialists” are youthful; and, B) Why so many “socialists” are quick to join “free” socialist-associated groups, but refuse to financially support the socialist cause.

There is confusion among those whose support the parties try to cater too. The counter-culturalists associate “socialism” with being “social.” Socialism is not “the act of being social.” Socialism does not “protect the equal rights of special interests.” It is fair to argue that being more social and having equal rights for all citizens is an ultimate outcome of socialism. If everyone is given an equatable income, equal opportunities, and equal access, then society will move towards more social-orientate behavior that is respectful of everyone regardless of their unique personal orientations. But, that is not socialism.

Socialism is a political philosophy that defines the values by which the economy should operate. In other words – Socialism is a set of economic principles.

The various socialist parties for far too long have catered to the counter-culturalists’ special interests. Many party insiders have long held the false belief that Socialism is “the act of being social.” These misconceptions lead to false accusations, such as – Pat Noble and Steve Sears alleging people who adhere to socialism’s true economics and political philosophy are not “true” socialists; they are some sort of pseudo-capitalist because they apply cost-benefit analysis to economic realities.

These same false prophets turn the LGBT against the Greens, the Green’s against WBEs/MBEs, WBEs/MBEs against Unions, and Unions against the LGBT. The socialist parties in America are so full of counter-culturalists accusing each other of not being true socialists that the only thing being produced by the numerous parties is internal turmoil. And, we have recently witnessed such internal turmoil again taking place at Socialist Party USA.

It was recently reported on the Socialist Network that two more national level resignations occurred. Apparently, Vivian Nelson Melle resigned from her national position. And, according to Marc Luzietti, Sally Joyner went so far as to quit the party entirely.

Vivian Nelson Melle and Sally Joyner now joined the ranks of those like Marc Luzietti and Steve Sears who have left because of “real, serious problem in the organization, which we’ve been trying to point out for years,” says  Marc Luzietti. And, according to Marc, “The resignations of people like Sally Joyner and Vivian Melle show that the problems aren’t limited to people.” The problems are widespread.

The Socialist Central Committee, Ltd. has announced its willingness to accept receivership of the Socialist Party USA, to temporarily manage the party’s daily operations and to facilitate the party headquarters’s move back to Indianapolis. Removing Greg Pason’s economic incentive would release the party from Pason’s grip.

SPUSAers must come to grips with the fact that Grag Pason uses SPUSA as his private capitalist venture. The Socialist Party USA has very high membership fees for one reason, and one reason alone – To provide an income for Greg Pason.

As the Socialist Agenda reported in the past, the Socialist Party USA is no longer a socialist party. SPUSA has been reduced by Greg Pason into a consortium of special interests that uses the term “Socialist” to attract counter-culturalists. SPUSA does not espouse or practice socialist principles. Greg Pason markets a sense of legitimacy to the social fringe by endorsement of their special interest. SPUSA’s endorsement of fringe special interests among counter-culturalists is for no more than the price of a membership fee, which is why American socialism continues to retreat from the heart of American politics, and evermore into the fringes of counter-culturalism.

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