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Socialism and Aesthetics – WIP

December 29, 2011 by


by ~TRegnier2795 or, Why I am a Socialist ————————- If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. William Morris Today in America, we make nothing that is beautiful. Today we fill our […]

Socialist State

December 26, 2011 by


A Poem by ~thenecromancer I dream of a place Unlike anywhere else Where no one is selfish Caring for themselves   People working towards A common goal Capitalism no longer Taking it’s toll   Tell me why We can’t pull this off Just why Can’t we pull this off?   Socialist state! Socialist state! Socialist […]

A Christmas Message

December 25, 2011 by


Lets take a moment out of our busy holiday schedules to inject the real reason for the season into recent political activities: As a rejection against America’s longstanding socialist principles, the Tea Party Neo-Cons and older hardcore Christian conservatives have argued against social safety-nets, and in favor of pulling “yourself up by your bootstrap.” To them […]

Rise Up & SPUSA Rant Scheduled

December 23, 2011 by


*** Watch for our latest Rant against SPUSA. *** Scheduled Relase Date: Christmas Day. *** Until then – by !SocialistFreedom For too long have the peoples of this country, Sat idly by as the 1% took as they please. It is now in this year, That the 99% stand up and take hold, Of what […]

Socialism and Radical Psychoanalysis

December 12, 2011 by


With the Capitalist Totalitarian Death-States murdering with impunity all over the planet, destroying our environment and our very biological existence, can we who are carrying on the rich legacy of Marxism find a way forward?  This is the fundamental question no matter what political current you are working with. The class struggle is not only […]

President Obama’s “Teddy Roosevelt” Speech.

December 9, 2011 by


It is no coincident that the image of President Theodore Roosevelt was selected by the Socialist Agenda to represent American Socialism. President Obama elaborated on President Roosevelt’s “American Values” that have become associated with American socialism. And, it is no coincident that President Obama selected Osawatomie, Kansas to give his speech. Osawatomie is where Theodore Roosevelt […]