Welcome to the Revolution

Posted on October 30, 2011 by


by *th3krimzon1

So many speak,
Saying it’s time for change,
And many others look at them,
Like they are insane
Too many find comfort,
In their everyday lives
Fearing change,
Is how they survive

I speak for myself,
And many others too,
The time for change,
Is long overdue
The “same old, same old.”
Has led us astray
The bill has come due,
The debt must be paid

Maybe once in a lifetime,
Do you get this chance
Too many walk forward,
Without a backward glance
To close your mind,
And refusing to think,
Is the never ending tragedy,
That has made us this weak

I call for reason,
In a world gone mad
Tis yet another season,
In which no-one is glad
I raise my fist against,
This sick, flawed institution
The time for action is now,
Welcome, to the revolution

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