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by ~kalanmic

there’s a protest going on
in your dreams, you can hear it
if you close your eyes, you can see it
and with your highest senses, you can begin to feel it
it wants to be heard,
it stirs inside
its not a line of college kids picketing in hip thrift store tees
its not a clever chant, no one’s chaining herself to a tree
or throwing rocks
or planting bombs, no.
no one is spilling blood, cuz
killing the innocent would defeat the motivation
to refute a situation
that’s the true root of all repression and degradation.

there’s a protest going on,
but too few of us are responding,
too busy emphasizing the political forces
instead of the underlying sources of our universal bondage.
something much more fundamental is at play these days,
but we’re lost playing games.
we have a list of demands that rolls down a red carpet of delusions of grandeur.
we are such freedom fighters,
and as we step in front of bulldozers,
sticking our noses in to make our difference,
as we scream slogans in the streets
and dream of one day being like those, y’know, cool, people from the sixties who, like changed the world and stuff,

as we protest the occupation of places we’ve never even cared to set our Nikes in,
desperate for something to believe in,
as we enroll in the School of Hard Knocks later in life
just to make up for the fact that we come from rich, white, suburban stock,
we forget that beyond our liberal-arts educations
and bleeding-heart overgeneralizations
lies the occupation of bullshit in our own souls.
we’ve lost what unites us, what makes us whole.
thus, we simplify so we can have control.
and it will only take an implosion from within us
to awaken our true consciousness,
to make us see the Oneness and,
with love,
respond to the protest.

these days, its easy to be right,
to claim enlightenment,
to join a movement that has an answer for every predicament,
to shrug off the struggle of the human spirit
and call it spirituality, religiosity.
but the revolution that will make us truly free,
the revolution that won’t be televised on MSNBC,
is when we join hands to rally
for our own authenticity.

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