We Are the Revolution.

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by ~oldforgegirl

Dear World,
We are teenagers.
They say we’re tomorrow’s future,
They say we’re tomorrow’s hope.
But then…
They say we’re miscreants, fools, troublemakers,
They say we’re impossible.

But here’s a secret-
They don’t know the first thing about us.

We are rebels, intensely confused mutineers, wishing so desperately to belong but irrefutably to pull away as well.
We are investigators, we look for ourselves behind every corner, but are stumped nonetheless.
We are lovers, we pour our souls, our hearts, into everything we do.

We are adults because we understand what life is about.
We are children because we hold onto our dreams despite that.

Our beliefs burn bright within our chests, and our passions flash like lightning through the summer air.
Our dreams outnumber the stars in the sky, but blaze like the fury of the sun itself.

We do not speak our minds, but scream them, blasting through the speakers until they burn a hole in your heart.

We may be tomorrow’s hope, but we are today’s spirit.
For tomorrow, we will lead.
But today we will dream. We will look to the skies before we shuffle to the masses. We will fight today because we will surrender tomorrow.

The force of age is relentless, lapping at our heels.
We will fight until we forget what we’re fighting for.
We will change the world before it changes us.

Dear World,
We are the revolution.
And we will never surrender.


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