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Ever since the Socialist Party – USA (SPUSA) announced at its “convention” last week (Oct. 14-16, 2011) that it was destined to implode financially within the next 2 years, a flurry of conversations have taken place concerning what direction the socialist movement should be turning. One thing is for certain, the current circles of power have squandered its substantial socialist inheritance on maintaining organizational control among a select few who have repeatedly demonstrated the lack of organizational leadership abilities.

It has been revealed that SPUSA’s power clique derailed the nomination of Cindy Sheehan for socialist VP. This same clique has repeatedly driven opposing opinions from the socialist party, leaving the party with fewer and fewer members and a financial crisis. And, this same clique has repeated disparaged Indianapolis-based socialists who have called upon the socialist community to return to its economic roots – the central message of Eugene Debs.

SPUSA has disenfranchised so many socialists, in fact, that these disenfranchised socialists have begun to reorganize the old Indianapolis-based Socialist Party of America under the new name of the American Socialist Party (ASP). This group markets itself as America’s Socialist Party. And, the project oversight and marketing organization for the group is the Socialist Central Committee, Ltd. (SCC). All of this has led to many concerned citizens asking, “Dollar for Dollar, what organization provides the greatest value to the socialist movement?”

To help answer that question, and others like it, the Socialist Agenda offers the following comparison:

  • ASP offers FREE party membership; SPUSA does not (see: membership fee schedule below).
  • ASP provides FREE state affiliate websites; SPUSA does not (each local is isolated and alone).
  • ASP provides the Social(ist) Network as a networking tool; SPUSA sends out one-sided emails.

The Social(ist) Network
The Social(ist) Network is a private online platform that allows concerned citizens to coordinate local activities and collaborate on national issues. Eventually, the Social(ist) Network will also have teleconferencing capabilities. Select delegates will no longer have to travel across the country at great personal expense; but, all members will be able to directly participate in national meetings and conventions from the comfort of their own homes. There are obvious costs associated with establishing and maintaining such a network tool. This socialized system spreads its costs among the users at the very modest rate of just $5.95 per year.

Compare the Social(ist) Network’s $5.95 annual network fee to SPUSA’s annual membership fees, which are as follows:

  • (incomes under $20k) base rate: $30.00 or sliding scale up to $75.00
  • (net incomes between $20k-$35k) base rate: $75.00 or sliding scale up to $150.00
  • (net incomes between $35k-$50k) base rate: $150.00 or sliding scale up to $270.00
  • (net incomes of $50k-$65k) base rate: $270 plus 1% of net income between $50,000 – $65,000/ yr
  • (net incomes over $65k) base rate: $420 plus 2% of net income over $65,000/ yr
  • (Excerpt from Socialist Party – USA website.)

The choice seems economically clear: Choose FREE Membership and 21st century technology that permits all members to speak out and vote on all organizational decisions for a modest network access fee of just $5.95 per member per year. Or, choose HIGH membership fees, exclusion from the decision-making process, secretive, top-down control, and high personal costs to attend national meetings.

CLICK HERE to join the Social(ist) Network.

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