Union Organizer Attacks Unemployed Union Member

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Steve Sears, a longtime SPUSA insider and union organizer, continues his personal, emotionally-charged campaign to disparage the name and reputation of an unemployed union member in Indianapolis.

The ATU union member is Timothy Platt. Platt recently lost his job because he advocated on behalf of his union to have their constitutional rights and liberties recognized by their employer, which is a political subdivision of Indiana (see:  atu1070.org). Platt is a committed socialist; he has reinvested substantial amounts of his retirement savings into raising awareness of socialist issues. And, Platt uses his unemployment compensation to subsidize a venture called the Social(ist) Network.

Platt’s commitment to, and sacrifice for the socialist movement has been met by sharp criticism from among the SPUSA insiders. Sears repeatedly refers to Platt as a “con man,” “a scam,” “a troll,” “a scambot,” and “a fraud.” (see: flsocialist). Sears has repeatedly called upon socialists to boycott Platt’s efforts to unify socialist groups into a mainstream political movement. This behavior not only raises questions concerning Sears’s sincerity as a socialist advocate, but as union organizer as well since he shows such disdain towards a union member that has sacrificed so much.

So, what has Platt done to incur such disparagement and disdain?

Platt has advocated the end of sectarian factionalism that has, thus far, prevented the liberal left from uniting in a common defense against the ultra-conservative political insurgency that is systematically dismantling America’s socialist safety-nets. Platt has advocated the use of popular political rhetoric among socialists to make the socialist message more palatable to the general public, such as – Concerned Citizen rather than Comrade (which envisions Soviet-styled top-down control – a commonly referred to fear among anti-socialism advocates). Most importantly, however, Platt has advocated Transparency – open and democratic processes within the socialist movement that are available to everyone.

One must question the socialist sincerity of insiders like Sears and Greg Pason. Rather than being committed like Platt is to growing the socialist movement, Sears and Pason simply use Socialism as their personal means to stroke their own egos. Sears and Pason are sacrificing the socialist movement to consolidate their own personal spheres of influence. Sears and Pason’s motivations are in sharp contrast to Platt’s, who has sacrificed his personal well-being for the benefit of the socialist movement.

Socialists who are truly committed to developing the American socialist movement should consider joining the Social(ist) Network.

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