Socialist Party – USA: Collapse is Eminent

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The SPUSA clique held a “convention” in a “meeting room” of an obscure airport hotel next to LAX (Los Angeles). As previously projected by the Socialist Agenda, the SPUSA clique had fewer than 50 “delegates.” With each delegate representing 7 members, the SPUSA clique “nominated” a “presidential candidate” to represent 343 alleged members. Sources inside acknowledged the waste of running a candidate when SPUSA is on the verge of financial collapse. In addition, the SPUSA Grand Poobah prevented the nomination of the popular choice, Cindy Sheehan.

The SPUSA clique was suppose to nominate a candidate to represent both the SPUSA clique and the regional Peace & Freedom organization. Nevertheless, after some internal manipulation, Grand Poobah, Greg Pason prevented Peace & Freedom party nominee,  Cindy Sheehan, from being recognized. Darcy Richardson of Uncovered Politics revealed: “An attempt earlier in the day to place Cindy Sheehan’s name in nomination for the vice presidency was blocked by national secretary Greg Pason and other party leaders on the grounds that the celebrated antiwar activist — a member of the California-based Peace & Freedom Party — isn’t currently a dues-paying member of the Socialist Party USA.” As Steve Sears explained, “It was a change of agenda.”

“Here was the [Robert’s Rules] violation,” Sears went on to say. A vote to change the agenda “requires a 2/3” majority. And, “I’m not sure if the motion itself passed by 2/3…” Marc Luzietti is known to remark, “It was a blatantly dirty move.” Steve Sears went on to point out further, “Other rule violations happened later, like using [a] previous question by the chair when it was expressly forbidden by the rules.”

Tina Phillips gave the following perspective. “It’s hard to know why Greg did what he did. But it is disturbing that things happened the way they did.” She went on to say, “It is weird that Greg knew ahead of time that a non-party member would be nominated but then at the convention created a motion to block it. It does seem fishy.” “Frankly, I am angry that happened at all. I wanted to see Cindy run. I feel it was undemocratic to allow an up or down vote to occur on her potential candidacy.”

Marc Luzietti said, Sectarians “put what they perceived to be the narrow interests of the Party ahead of the good of the whole movement. At worst, it was a blatantly anti-democratic move on the part of Pason and Rockwood and others. And Rockwood prevented a full discussion of the issue.”

This internal manipulation has outraged Peace & Freedom members since their joint-ticket is suppose to be a cooperative act. Samantha Thomas stated, “The factionalism and divisiveness among Leftist groups here in the United States is distressing to me.” SPUSA insider, Steve Sears, noted: “It was the process that has upset so many people.”

This manipulative trickery may very well spell the end to future cooperative efforts between the SPUSA clique and the Peace & Freedom organization. Mike Valenza explains, “When other socialist groups that don’t run candidates for office get around to making endorsements for Presidential campaigns in 2012, how many of them are going to bother to support a campaign that by some accounts was the product of a concerted effort at smashing the ultra-left?”

Marc Luzietti, “How can we trust people who say one thing or do another or do things in a way to fuck others over?” “We could have had a discussion about the merits of a Sheehan VP candidacy instead of this bureaucratic, controlling BS that occurred.” Veronica Nowakowski agreed, “At best, there’s enough mistrust in the organization between a few comrades that spreads to others who identify with them that we aren’t as effective as we should be. That’s my interpretation of events. We don’t have enough trust on either side.” Another insider remarked, “The distrust is going to kill the organization before the money running out will.”

All this comes with the revelation made at the so-called convention – SPUSA is nearly bankrupt. SPUSA is projecting financial insolvency within 2 years. Marc Luzietti, “My failing was not understanding some people would be willing to throw SPUSA and the movement under the bus, in order to maintain a little control of an organization that is rapidly going broke.” Nik Olas pointed out that it is not only the national organization, “some of our locals are broke too.”

The convention actions served one purpose – To protect Greg Pason’s “paycheck” as “National Secretary” of the SPUSA clique. Feeling somewhat deceived, Nik Olas remarked, “… we’re told how important this campaign is for socialism, then we have to support it financially?” What members are not told is that nearly all membership fees goes directly into Pason’s pocket. Office and organizational expenses have not been covered by membership fees, and those costs have depleted the clique’s expense cache.

So, facing a financial implosion within the next 2 years, what steps should be taken to shore-up the Pason-controlled clique? According to Marc Luzietti, Should we “smile and eat shit while democracy is trampled on, just to save the organization?” “Have you considered?” SPUSA “may not be worth keeping it together?”

Facing the prospect of collapse, Steve Sears explained that the SPUSA clique hasn’t any real options, other than using the American Socialist site ( But, Pason, Sears, Rockwood and others are adamantly opposed to that merger because they would no longer be in control.

Marc Luzietti offered this view, “The organizations and Parties are tools. Like any tool, when they aren’t right for the job, when they get broken or need replacement, you get rid of them and get a new one … or you fix it.” That would hold true for the Pason leadership as well. Marc Luzietti concludes, “Some people want SPUSA broken; and they’ve got more power to keep it broken.” “They have their high school glee club and congratulate themselves on having sparkle.”

In the final analysis, Steve Sears remarks concerning the Stewart Alexander nomination, “There isn’t any chance in hell of winning.” “With all his talk about a million votes, I’ve got to wonder if he cares more about the number of votes, then about educating people and building the movement and the party.”

Richard Poole concluded, “If the last two presidential nominations were kicked out of the party; what exactly does that say about SPUSA?”

For those who feel disenfranchised by the current SPUSA events, the Socialist Central Committee, Ltd. encourages concerned citizens to enroll in the Social(ist) Network. It appears socialism is returning to its Indianapolis roots. Stay ahead of the curve and join America’s Socialist Party today.

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