Socialism in the World Today

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by ~IactoAs society becomes more advanced, and begins self realisation (essentially when people stop worrying about if they’re going to eat the next meal and more about what they’re going to eat), equality movements arise. As these become a more accepted part of society and begin to achieve their goals, class distinction begins to blur between the two lowest classes.

Currently in the UK, there are three classes, but essentially two; in it’s original guise they were called Upper, Middle and Lower. The lower class obviously the poorest. This has changed now, and it has become akin to the Workers (the huge majority) and the Earners. I may rephrase this to the Creators and the Receivers, who gain the most from the Workers’ toil, but with similar effort. This is the ultimate goal of capitalism, the few feeding off the majority, the natural predators keeping the balance of capital in their hands.Apparently, there is an upcoming credit crisis. This should not be news to anyone, and should not be unexpected. This would not be the first time that ‘clever’ money marketing has led to the demise of the market. Look through history and you see that these money crises have occurred since industrialisation. What I am wondering about is why people are worried. The people who should be worried are the Receivers, they are set to lose the most, as all their gains contribute toward their influence. The Workers should not worry. The Receivers will always need the Workers to survive, and thus we shall still be fed and educated so that we continue to gain them capital (the notion that workers can have their own capital is logically flawed, I shall expand on that later). One thing this will do, is make the Receivers poorer, but is this such a bad thing? Perhaps they should learn hardship, they’ve forgotten what it feels like.

The nature of Capitalism is the equilibrium of cost and expense. As monetary value decreases, so does the cost of items necessary for life. Consider 10 years ago, how much a loaf of bread cost, and compare to that today. All that happens with this progression is that the Worker can buy themselves more ‘luxury’ items, such as tobacco, confection, communication. Apparently this will increase the happiness of the Worker, the whole premise of Capitalism and the reason that it sustains is the strive for attaining material goods. As you should know if you have been brought up fairly, is that money cannot buy you happiness, however this is what Capitalism will tell you. Not in so many words, as lying and deceit are both inherent in all governmental systems (I’m not naive enough to think my suggestion will be void of such transgressions), but nonetheless the inherent feeling is there. So will Workers really feel the credit crisis? Yes, but the Workers will sustain themselves as they have always done, slaving away to adhere to their masters, the Receivers. The Workers will be told they are suffering because of their lack of funds, but this is not true. The Workers will believe they are suffering because they have been told they are so, and because they see less money around. Money is not the root of happiness, and surely happiness is the most important attribute in your life?

All Capital ends up at the Receiver’s feet. Every hour you work, you produce goods and/or services that benefit the Receiver. Labour is not a personal relation, you will probably never meet your Receiver and never even know its name. Labour is a number, a statistic. You say to a recruitment firm “I need X amount of workers” and you will receive X amount of workers. The process of this matters little to the Receiver, who only really cares about its capital. This Worker will then produce goods and/or services for the Receiver, who will gain the largest proportion of the Worker’s toil. This is the nature of Capitalism. The Worker will be paid as little as possible, depending on the intellectual challenge the task requires. The Worker will almost never be paid fairly, as doing so would destroy the hold the Receiver has on society. The Worker will be allowed to obtain items that will either increase the effectiveness, or increase the illusion that they are earning fairly. Thus the Worker only receives capital as a method for the Receiver to keep the Worker untroubled. If the Receiver decides this capital to be unnecessary then the Worker would earn nothing. So, using this logic, the Worker does not in fact earn capital, and does not own capital except as an illusion, used to control your buying and ‘place’ in society.

The Receivers use this slow progression to say to Workers that they are becoming more equal, less abused. This is not true. It is not the opposite, but the Worker is abused in different ways than at the beginning of true Capitalism (Industrial Revolution). The Worker is still in the same position, relatively speaking. Just because money is worth less, does not mean that everyone is richer.

The main flaw, and one thing that cannot be changed, and hopefully will become the downfall of Capitalism itself, is the exploitation of the poor. Currently, there are two items that come under the ‘poor’ section, that is the producing east and natural resources. The latter is one that is affecting the Receiver itself, and thus must be changed. The main problem is that the Receiver has a huge amount of need for its money. This causes the problem to continue, and this is what is currently stirring the Workers from their dormant state. Global Warming. It needs to be stopped now, not next week, not in a 10 year plan, but now. This cannot be achieved with the current system of Capitalism, because everyone, even the Worker, wishes to maintain the Capital they have ‘earned’.

It would be bleak temporarily. To achieve the complete destruction of the Global Warming problem, all vehicles not used for goods or public transport would have to be removed from the roads, all power stations would have to cease burning fossil fuels. All power in vehicles should turn to hydrogen cells (a complete technology needing more research) which would be fuelled by solar panels. Think of how much roof space you have on your house/flat/tower block. If that was covered with solar panels it would power your entire tower block indefinitely. During the day, even on an overcast day, the amount of power given off by solar energy is huge. This could not only heat the houses during the day, but also it could use excess energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, to prepare for night-time usage. This would stop Global Warming. And it would stay stopped. This will be the downfall of Capitalism, or the world. And it’s your choice, whether to join the fight or just to stay and do nothing.

The world is in our hands, the Workers have the power to change everything.

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