The SPUSA Clique holds “national convention”

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The Executive Board of the Socialist Central Committee in Indianapolis, Indiana is hard pressed to explain what is taking place in Los Angeles this weekend – October 14-16, 2011.

While thousands protest on the streets of New York City, unified in a common complaint that government is unresponsive; a highly exclusive group from the Socialist Party-USA travels to Los Angeles to determine, in secrecy, who their presidential nominee will be. While thousands of concerned citizens take to the streets in New York, demanding participation; the same old handful of party regulars decide who their presidential nominee will be (They had a choice of 1). SP-USA should have changed venues and held an open-air convention at the Occupation, and allowed the masses to participate in the decision process (Then the SP-USA insiders wonder why the people do not support their decisions.)

Back in the days of Eugene Debs, the Socialist Party of America counted in the hundreds of thousands. Today’s Socialist Party – USA may count a few hundred. Today’s socialists are able to get ballot access in fewer than twenty states. The resources that go into “Running” a candidate (if “Running” is what it can honestly be called), is completely squandered. So, the question must be asked – Why run a candidate that has absolutely no chance of winning?

Their answer is simple – Conservatism. They feel they need to run a candidate to be considered a political party. But, they are not doing what real political parties do. SP-USA is not building their local base.

The strategy of America’s Socialist Party is straight forward:

  1. Develop Coordinators in each of the 50 states.
  2. Assist these coordinators in developing local committees in the major markets of each state.
  3. Once a local committee is formed in a local market, encourage participation by local candidates in local political races.
  4. Develop the numbers needed to get national ballot access in each of the 50 states.
  5. Then, and only then, run a national candidate.

The resources being squandered on a pointless presidential race are resources that could have been used to harness the local discontent that is being expressed in the OWS movement.

Unfortunately, SPUSAers are not really concerned about the masses. The national organization exists for one reason, and one reason alone – To create an income stream for SP-USA’s Grand Poobah, Greg Pason. SPUSAers are only interested in stroking their own egos, which is why the same small clique that imposes top-down control over SP-USA has driven countless socialists out from the SP-USA faction of the old Socialist Party of America. And, it is for those reasons that hundreds of socialists across the country have flocked to America’s Socialist Party.

America’s Socialist Party provides an infrastructure within which local members can function with autonomy. There are no demands from the national level placed on local initiatives. Each local initiative is able to function independently to develop the local structures needed for a national party to compete in the years to come.

There may be 30, 40, possibly 50 representatives at this year’s SP-USA convention, who each represent 3, 4, possibly 5 active members in their respective locals. SP-USA, as a “national” party, is an illusion. The vast majority of sincere socialists are in their home communities, working with local Occupations, and finding America’s Socialist Party to be their viable option within which to grow their local efforts.

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