Why Socialism?

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by *AtheosEmanon

It is not about going further to socialism, it is about going further into what America use to be about. It is not about welfare programs, it is about building your nation.

Let us look at reality, education has been cut nearly every year for several decades, and yet we wonder why we are falling so quickly in literacy rates. Yet when people say we should give more money to education you hear NO, SOCIALISM!!!! GOVERNMENT INDOCTRINATION!!!

Government indoctrination to wish to educate people, more money to allow for more teachers, which would allow for smaller class sizes which is said by ALL accounts, left and right to be an ideal learning environment

Well socialism is not really that “far left”… depends upon what type of socialism you are referring to, universal socialism which can be equated with communism is very far left where as national socialism which is a nice misnomer for fascism is very far right. Hitler was a smart man, he knew if he had said he wanted a fascist government the socialist party which had the workers would never go for that.

Now sir, here is my idea, you may not like this part but please read it and think about it before just saying NO, THAT IS EVIL GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE.

I think the government should have control or rather should cover education [12+4] and health care. At first sight you might say, no that is too much control.

But my reasoning for this is simple. If you have people who can be educated for “free” all the way to High school + 4 years of college, on top of health care you are creating a society of intelligent and healthy people. Now you might say, what is the plus side to allowing the government this [well for me, I do not see the government as our “enemy”, the government is made up of people whom we, the citizens elect]

Think of it, if you have a society of highly intelligent and healthy people that alone would cut down health care cost. If you have a society of college educated people that are able to and be more “work ready” that would cut down unemployment.

But you might say, what is the cost benefit of the government paying for all of this, it is not cost effective. In fact, it is. As I said to you before, it is not about affording, it is about prioritizing.

We spend billions in waste on our defense. Did you know we have over 100K soldiers in places where there is little to no chance of them fighting? We have over 50K soldiers in Germany alone, … where there is little chance of war with them, I am pretty sure, on this issue at least, that Hitler is dead, we got him… time to bring them in.

Well back to the cost benefit. The money that we would spend on their education and health care would be peanuts, an investment compared to the revenue taken from taxes after they have graduated and find a job.

Now, with more college educated entrepreneurs that will be starting businesses, employing people, which would in turn spend money elsewhere.. which would mean other markets growing.. which would cut not only our unemployment cost but also our unemployment percentages.

Now.. with more people employed, educated and healthy this of course cuts down on our medical costs that we are wasting now..

Now here is the part I believe you will like…

With more people employed, more revenue going in than going out, building a stable economy… doing the jobs that America use to do, bringing us back to our place in the world as far as the dollar going up, unemployment going down, literacy and education rates going up, mathematical rates going up….

With more people employed and bringing in more revenue, more than what we shell out THIS IS THE TIME when you can cut taxes, this is when you say, our society is doing great and we are economically stable, and now we can cut taxes. You do not cut taxes during a recession which non-partisan economic experts agree that is the least effective job producing thing that we can do.

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