America’s Socialist Party: NOT connected with SP-USA

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America’s Socialist Party has had various inquiries asking whether it was part of, or a split from, Socialist Party – USA. The answer is – Neither.

Our founders were friends of Kurt Vonnegut and Ron Haldeman, two well known members of the former Socialist Party of America from Indianapolis, Indiana. One of our founders did participate in SP-USA, but another founder participated in DSA. One founder grew up in a German progressive home in Wisconsin (a product of the Fighting Bob La Follette legacy). And, one founder was always an independent (just a close personal friend of Kurt and Ron).

These founders formed the Socialist Central Committee in April 2009 to honor the two-year anniversary of Kurt’s death (April 2007). Since the SCC grew as a viable interest, it was formally incorporated in April 2010 as the not-for-profit Socialist Central Committee, Ltd. The SCC holds a Sect. 527 political organization non-profit status.

The SCC was formed to “market” socialism as a viable political option as it was in the early days of Eugene Debs. Various remnants of the former Socialist Party of America began to associate themselves with the SCC, which is how the American Socialist Party was established. Since our roots are firmly associated with the Socialist Party of America, we market the American Socialist Party as “America’s Socialist Party.”

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