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Slicing the pie: Wealth Disparity Harms Economy

October 31, 2011 by


Information on the destructive nature of unregulated capitalism is readily available to the public. Unfortunately, too many people ignore that information. Their wishful thinking leads them to believe they will be one of the few who reach the top. Consequently, they support the system that causes their own oppression. The following article by Louise Story was […]

Welcome to the Revolution

October 30, 2011 by


by *th3krimzon1 So many speak, Saying it’s time for change, And many others look at them, Like they are insane Too many find comfort, In their everyday lives Fearing change, Is how they survive I speak for myself, And many others too, The time for change, Is long overdue The “same old, same old.” Has […]


October 29, 2011 by


by ~kalanmic there’s a protest going on in your dreams, you can hear it if you close your eyes, you can see it and with your highest senses, you can begin to feel it it wants to be heard, it stirs inside its not a line of college kids picketing in hip thrift store tees […]

Speech of Eugene V. Debs, 1900: Excerpt from The Outlook for Socialism in the United States

October 28, 2011 by


Speech of Eugene V. Debs, 1900: The campaign this year will be unusually spectacular. The Republican Party “points with pride” to the “prosperity” of the country, the beneficent results of the “gold standard” and the “war record” of the administration. The Democratic Party declares that “imperialism” is the “paramount” issue, and that the country is […]

A poem for Occupy Boston

October 27, 2011 by


by ~Qaxzar  (Donald Guy) 11:33pm @Boston_Police: #occupyboston The BPD respects your right to protest peacefully. We ask for your ongoing cooperation. @Occupy_Boston: 11:51 The BPD asks reporters to leave the inside of the camp they don’t want them to record and report on what they’re about to do. 1:31 Cops give Occupy Boston five minutes to […]

Capitalists as Socialists: Masquerade at Socialist Party – USA

October 26, 2011 by


Why would Socialist Party – USA nominate a couple of Capitalists masquerading as Socialists? To understand the candidates’ true pedigree, the casual observer must thoroughly understand the difference between Capitalism and Socialism. Capitalist philosophy views employees as commodities. These human resources should be purchased at the lowest price the market can bear. Consequently, profits belong […]

We Are the Revolution.

October 25, 2011 by


by ~oldforgegirl Dear World, We are teenagers. They say we’re tomorrow’s future, They say we’re tomorrow’s hope. But then… They say we’re miscreants, fools, troublemakers, They say we’re impossible. But here’s a secret- They don’t know the first thing about us. We are rebels, intensely confused mutineers, wishing so desperately to belong but irrefutably to […]