America’s Socialist Party takes moral high ground: Socialism as mainstream thought

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Irregardless of how other organizations coax votes from marginalized segments of society with their special interest interpretations for socialism, socialism is, as a matter of fact, an economic system. The socialist economic system also has wide popular appeal. More than 85% of Americans will rely on Social Security for their retirement income. Most Americans are educated in public educational institutions, such as public schools and state university systems. No one calls for private libraries to replace public libraries. No one believes America should return to the era of private, corporation-owned police forces like the Pinkerton Police. Nevertheless, there is a disconnect between what people appreciate and what people say they want.

Cold War rhetoric demonized socialism as a Latin American dictatorship or eastern European autocratic regime. While Americans have traditionally embraced socially responsible behavior, which is behavior exhibiting the the core values of socialism, Americans have never been willing to aid or assist in the overthrow of their democratic government. This unwillingness to participate in an overthrow of our democracy is the underlying explanation of why mainstream Americans have refused to participate in socialist organizations in recent years.

The fringe special interest organizations claiming to be socialists have done a grave disservice to American socialism in recent years. The Central Committee does understand their invocation of violence is a outpouring of frustration. America is a very exclusive society; and those excluded from America’s social benefits and economic opportunities will naturally call for a more inclusive society. But, threatening violence and demanding an overthrow of the American government will not promote greater inclusion. Consequently, fringe special interest groups are counter-intuitive to socialism because coercive actions only promote greater exclusion.

The Central Committee is committed to promoting socialism as a viable economic system that ensures the American ideal of equality. Socialism acknowledges that every worker contributes to the production of corporate profits; therefore, each worker is entitled to an equatable share of the profits his efforts helped produce. Socialism also acknowledges that technology allows economic prosperity to be achieved through the collective efforts of fewer people; those persons excluded from opportunities to contribute to our economic prosperity should not also be excluded from the economic benefits.

America’s Socialist Party is dedicated to empowering America’s working class. This empowerment is best done through educational opportunities and party membership. Republican and Democrats alike will acquiesce to developing socialist-based business practices when they see their membership in decline. This acquiescence was seen in the 1940s through the 1960s when the marginal tax rate on the wealthiest citizens remained over 90%. Our role at America’s Socialist Party should be to educate the American people on just how much of their society is based on sound socialist principles.

Consequently, the Central Committee will be developing a series of PowerPoint presentations for ASP members to use. ASP members are encouraged to offer Socialism Awareness programs in their communities to recruit new members. Rather than feigning violence through mob protest of some fringe cause as your way of promoting socialism, promote mainstream socialism through mainstream techniques to mainstream America. Help your community understand the role of socialism in their lives. Help your community understand how socialist programs are of central importance in your neighbors’ lives and to their future.

The ASP goal is not to become America’s only political party, replacing both democratic and republican parties; the ASP goal is the establishment of a viable third party that speaks with moral authority to influence the already established system. To better understand our party’s vision, please watch this 23-minute video.

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