Central Committee Flattered by Negative Attention

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Terrorism threats directed at SCC spokesman

The Socialist Party-USA lists a Darius Engel as the Chair pro-tem for their State Executive Committee in Florida. Engel has threatened to expose SPUSA to legal jeopardy.

Our Executive Council spokesman at the Socialist Central Committee recently received threatening messages from Engel. Engel made implicit threats of Red Army-style terrorism against our spokesman if the Central Committee continued with its corporate mandate to unify American socialists by developing a socialism-based socialist party. Engel also made explicit threats on record to commit libel against our spokesman’s character in an attempt to impugn his reputation. Engel must be unaware that such time-dated messages demonstrate pre-meditation and malicious intent. Consequently, any actual defamatory messages against our spokesman that are published in favor SPUSA or its Florida chapter will place SPUSA in legal jeopardy.

Although Engel placed SPUSA in a very serious legal dilemma, the Central Committee cannot help but feel flattered. After all, Change Management theory explains that such extreme resistance to change demonstrates that real change is perceived; SPUSA and Engel would simply ignore an effort that was failing at making change. Engel’s threats tell us our message is having an effect.

The trouble the Socialist Party-USA finds when trying to nominate a presidential candidate is that the Socialist Party-USA is comprised mostly of individuals disgruntled by the fact that they have been excluded from the American dream, which is to say – They have no money. Consequently, SPUSA must always find candidates that can fund, in large part, their own campaigns. That is a dilemma. If someone has enough money to fund their own campaign, that candidate will elicit the envy and resentment of most SPUSA members. Brian Moore is no different.

SPUSA literature informs an interested audience that SPUSA “strives to establish a radical democracy that places people’s lives under their own control.” But, when the party experiences that radical democracy from within, those individuals that embraced the concept of radical democracy are expelled from the SPUSA organization. In other words, SPUSA functions as an organizational dictatorship.

So, there was a member a while back that spoke of a need for change to prevent the eventual collapse of SPUSA. This member employed radical democracy, encouraging delegates to vote against Pason in order to save SPUSA. This member was expelled for actually believing what SPUSA embraces radical democracy that places people’s lives under their own control.

Now unrestrained, this ex-member was able to freely express his views about what was wrong with SPUSA; and he did just that. And, to be the consummate candidate to bring severed factions back together, Brian Moore attempted to reconcile this member with SPUSA.

SPUSA responded to Brian Moore’s conciliatory actions with expulsion. Now the radical socialist and the socialist candidate are considered enemies of SPUSA, which is to say – SPUSA considers socialists enemies. As the Central Committee has pointed out in the past, the SPUSA is actually a capitalist enterprise trying to produce profits from special interest advocacy.

Funny is it not! Radical Democracy that opposes the Pason dictatorship is considered a coup d’etat. SPUSA also argues the radical member’s reaction to his unjust expulsion is a form of cyberbullying. Can you guess who directs these accusations against Brian Moore and the radical member? That’s right! Darius Engel, the person who is actually engaged in cyberbullying and making threats, was instrumental in labeling the ex-member a cyberbully and expelling Brian Moore.

If SPUSA is consistent in its expulsion policies, Darius Engel must be expelled for his real cyberbullying compared to the ex-member’s perceived cyberbullying. And, Darius Engel must expelled because his violation of federal terrorism laws have placed SPUSA in a much greater legal jeopardy than any jeopardy caused by Brian Moore’s attempt to reconcile opposing factions.

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