The Bills of Coercion

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Bills of Coercion

While most socially responsible regions of the world subsidize the public’s access to public utilities, the capitalistic impulses of America’s ruling class insists upon the “spirit of free enterprise” when it comes to public utilities. But, this Spirit is a Code for Coercion. Rather than protect its citizens from corporate coercion, the American federal and state governments collude with public utilities in defending the corporations’ right to coerce American citizens.

Late winter in February is the season to consider the coercive behavior of America’s public utilities.

Did you know no one has to pay for electricity in The Bahamas if their annual income is under two-hundred, fifty thousand dollars ($250,000.00)? Most parts of the world pay little to nothing for electricity because they have heavily subsidized electrical rates. But, not in the United States!

The United States is often described as the most economically prosperous nation of the world. But, where does that prosperity come from? Unlike the rest of the world, America allows affluent corporate leaders to charge exuberant rates on public utilities. Then, the public utilities cut service to the poor who struggle to pay the inflated prices. The poor are coerced into turning over their food money and disposable incomes to prevent service from being shut off, or to have their service restored. This coercion is a mechanism to extract the last ounce of prosperity that the poor may possess.

What if they have no additional wealth to extract? The poor must get hand-outs from friends and relatives. In short, public utility coercion extracts wealth away from a wider community, which prevents that wider community from being able to grow in prosperity over the long-term.

America is considered prosperous because of the accumulated wealth its ruling class has amassed through their corporations. What is not addressed about American prosperity is the coercive manner in which that wealth was acquired. Whether it is public utilities coercing America’s poor, or some other American corporation extracting wealth away from the poor in other regions of the world, American prosperity is based entirely upon various levels of coercion.

We need concerned citizens across the United States to demonstrate their compassion for their fellow citizen by declaring themselves – Socialists.

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